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Great to see you here, let us help you get to know more about what being a 'Brand Ambassador' means and why we love what we do! We've put together lots of great info to get you started:

Meet Kriz: From Golf Pro to BA (Part 2)

Meet Kriz, a former golf pro, who has found his home as a BA in Manchester. Adaptability is something he has learned to love and finding solutions to be successful is something he does every day now.

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Dylan: “Being able to give something to others is the best”

Dylan is a BA from Paris who loves being able to transfer knowledge! We had the opportunity to sit down with him and chat about his passions!

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Before I was a BA...

Brand Ambassadors come from all walks of life... so we were intrigued and ask some of them what they did before becoming Brand Ambassadors! Check it out!

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Meet Ruben: From Footballer to BA

Meet Ruben, a former semi-pro footballer from London who is now a BA based in Manchester. He took some time out of his busy day to chat with us about his BA story. Check it out below.

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Meet Chloe: Confidence Does Grow!

Meet Chloe, a Manchester based BA. She has an amazing story that started back in Switzerland! We caught up with her for a coffee and a chat about being a BA. See her interview below.

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Meet Kriz: From Golf Pro to BA

Meet Kriz, a former golf pro, who has found his home as a BA in Manchester. Being an ex-athlete has helped him become the BA he is today. Find out how here.

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Meet Pierre: From Banker to BA

Meet Pierre a french BA who, after being a Banker for three years, decided to think about his future and become a Brand Ambassador.

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Meet Dom: Turning Theory into Practice

Meet Dom, a BA who was based in London for over a year but has now moved to Lille to expand his BA Adventure.

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School's out: What now?

School's out but what now? You might have a million questions on what you're going to do, so we asked some of the best BAs to help you figure it out! Check this out!

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Meet Shaun: Changing your mindset

At the BA Meetup in Barcelona this year, we sat down with Shaun, a BA from Manchester, to find out more about his BA Adventure. Here’s what he told us!

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Meet the BAs #2 - May 2019 edition

After april, we featured some of the best BAs across Europe in May. What was their story? Well, find out below!

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Become a BA: Why now is the perfect time to start

Don't wait and take control of your life! Here's why now is the best possible time for you to start!

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Meet Antoine: Giving people a chance

Meet Antoine, a french BA from Lille, who loves coaching other people and building a network! Check his story out!

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Meet Grégoire: The perfect place to grow!

Meet Grégoire, a French BA who’s been growing as an entrepreneur for the past two years and wouldn’t change for anything in the world!

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Zgjimi: I never want to have a boss ever

Meet Zgjimi , a BA from Antwerp, who we interviewed for the BA.Life Magazine in Barcelona. He made one thing clear from the start, he doesn't want to have a boss ever again and here's why...

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Meet Benjamin: Connecting with People

Benjamin, a self-proclaimed introvert, is a BA in London. He loves that being a BA is helping him to develop and connect with new people while not changing him as a person.

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Ewa: From building mannequins to building a business

Meet Ewa, a Brand Ambassador from Poland currently based in London. We interviewed Ewa for the latest BA.Life Magazine and she told us how being independent is one of the best things to happen to her.

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Meet Vilius: Creating the Blueprint

Vilius started his BA life in London and is now a highly successful BA based in Edinburgh. We found out more about his story as a BA in Scotland.

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Cyril : I love working on commission

Meet Cyril, a french BA, who we interviewed for the lastest BA.Life magazine distributed at the Barcelona BA Meetup. We discussed commission work and why it's the best fit for this ambitious BA.

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Why should I become a BA?

Thinking about becoming a Brand Ambassador? Want to know more? Well, here's some of Europe's top BAs sharing why they think you should become a BA!

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